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Bobby Robins vip mentorship

Hockey + Faith Development

A 1-on-1 vip mentorship with former NHL hockey player and Professional Coach, turned Christian SPORTS Minister and Mentor

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This Mentorship will help a Player

develop and grow in life, hockey, & faith

Included in the Bobby Robins VIP Mentorship:

52 Weekly 1-Hour Video Calls: in-depth discussion about personal growth and development in life, hockey, and faith

365 Daily Text Messages: support and encouragment helps

Two Emails and Two Video Messages per week: for encouragment and continued growth in specific development topics

"Overview of the Bible" Bible Study: + New Testament in One Year Reading and Study Plan with discussion and discipleship training

Sexual Purity Directed Study: addresses sexual temptation and how to live in sexual purity in the hockey world

Hockey Training and Development: on-ice, off-ice, in-season, off-season, mental training, recovery, nutrition, Exclusive Pro Tips, + everything a player needs to succeed

Pro-Level Mental Training: Developing good habits and routines, goal setting, overcoming adversity, growing in self-esteem, developing self-confidence

The Wisdom and Experience of A Former Pro Player: Combining all the knowledge gained over a lifetime of pursuing the Hockey Dream; teaching and coaching priceless information that can only be gained by achieving the highest levels in hockey

Learn from a Christian Sports Minister: as a Christian Sports Minister, I am equipped to coach and facilitate Spiritual growth through study of the Bible, Christian Discipleship, and Spiritual Mentoring

Billed weekly. Cancel Anytime. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Work with someone who has been there

The best experience is gained by actually experiencing it. I've played at every level, from House League to the NHL. I know what it takes to get the most out of your hockey potential. But I also know that this isn't the most important thing. I care most about developing a well-rounded athlete who is grounded in their faith and knows where their talent comes from.

52 Weeks of Faith + Hockey Development

Is this the right fit for me or my son?

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I mentor male athletes only. I'm using every experience that God has given me to help develop men athletically, mentally, and spiritually in a way that honors God

Athletes of all levels and abilities. The end goal is to use hockey as the vehicle for personal and spiritual developement and grow in your knowledge of God and what that looks like for a hockey player

Any Age, from youth hockey to adult pros. I work with all different age groups, and tailor each experience to each individual, depending on level of play and age

The aim is to magnify a player's strengths and improve upon a player's weaknesses, while gaining knowledge and mental structure, to grow as an athlete. All the while, growing in our knowledge of God by studying the Bible and learning to trust in who Jesus says we are

​The most important aspect of a person's life is their relationship with Jesus Christ and their knowledge of the Bible. After that, everything else comes together to glory God


For a hockey player to be the best version of himself, he must master each of these areas. My goal is to push, nurture, support, coach, and facilitate growth in each area.

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Learn to master your body, how to train, how to fuel the machine, how to recover. How to be the best hockey player you can be.

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Learn to master your mind and to overcome negative thought patterns. Learn to see your self-worth and value. Grow in self-confidence.

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Learn and grow in your knowledge of God and the Bible. Learn the reality of Jesus Christ, who he is, and how he calls us to be.

How does this mentorship work?

This is a 1-Year Mentorship of advanced Hockey and Christian growth. The Mentorship is intensive and personal, leading to development spiritually and athletically, with an emphasis in Biblical study.

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Once you sign up for the mentorship, we will schedule a video call and the athlete (and the athlete's parents) and I will meet to introduce ourselves and go over the Game Plan for the 1-Year Mentorship.


Billed Weekly. Cancel Anytime. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Looking For More Information?


I'm a former Division 1 Captain, 9 year professional ice hockey player, and the oldest rookie to ever make an NHL Opening Day Roster with the Boston Bruins in 2014 at age 32. I learned what it takes to climb the hockey ladder, but I always felt empty and that I was missing something.

In 2016 I found my faith in Jesus Christ and finally realized my true calling. I now work in Christian Sports Ministry, using my athletic experiences and Biblical knowledge to facilitate Hockey + Faith Development.

I help hockey players grow as athletes, as men, and as followers of Jesus Christ. My aim is to develop hockey players who are set apart and playing for God's glory.

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