What is the sound of one puck clapping against a cool ice surface face-off frenzy of fiendish foes? For those of us in the know, we inherently hold a special place in our hearts for that unmistakeable clap! of a perfectly timed and perfectly placed puck drop. The smooth, mysterious face of that rubber disk hits the surface of the ice and something happens. That clap radiates … [Read more...]


I I won’t get into the back story of how I ended up in Europe in the first place; that will come at a later date. Today I won’t talk about living in a ski lodge in the middle of the Julian Alps in Western Slovenia, feeling shamed and empty, hiding from the world and afraid to fail. I won’t delve into any of that now. I’ll start where the new version of me … [Read more...]

How to Be Excellent

We all have good days and we all have bad days. We have days where we are firing on all cylinders, clicking, buzzing, emitting vast clouds of potent energy out into the world. We know and embrace those special days, and acknowledge when we are lucky enough to experience that. We live out that day in the Zone, and go to bed, curious(or oblivious) to what the next day will … [Read more...]

Excellence Revisited

I think I’m on to something. Has anyone else tried these magic words? “I’m going to be excellent today.” I’ve been saying this to myself pretty much all day, every day for the past week. I’ve come to the conclusion that they are truly magic words. I say it before bed, and right when I wake up, and on the way to the rink, and in between drills, and any time the Doubt Demon … [Read more...]

Best Version of You

It seems that it is not only athletic folk who deal with maintaining consistency and the pursuit of excellence. I’ve received emails from many different people from many different walks of life, telling me how these articles on excellence have affected them. There is certainly a common vein that exists in all of us. We want to excel.  We want to be great. But no one ever tells … [Read more...]