Transformative and Inspiring. 


In 2014 I became the oldest rookie to ever make an NHL Opening Day Roster at 32 with the Boston Bruins.


Hear an incredible story of perseverance, faith, and fighting for my life. 


Teams, Schools, Events, Motivational Speeches

My message resonates with athletes and non-athletes alike. Relatable to anyone who has faced struggles. 

Conferences, Businesses, Organizations

My inspiring sports story of perseverance reaches into the hearts and minds of the audience for a genuine connection.

Preaching, Churches, Youth Groups, Testimony 

Commissioned Minister with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Eager to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Breakout Sessions

So many sessions! Happening from 8am to 10pm each day. Get so much knowledge it will melt your face off!


We'll shut down major city streets for the greatest block party of all time, with fire breathers, food trucks, and trapeze artists.

What are you waiting for? Your face won't melt itself. 

Tickets will sell out fast, you might as well order now!

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